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With the RainPad control panel, you can control your shower from one central location. Whatever your individual shower ritual looks like, you can get it started intuitively and in beautiful design. Over WiFi and via the cricket online play ipl home app, the RainPad can also receive RainTunes shower scenarios and start them at the touch of a button. This water control can be freely combined with all cricket online play ipl showers. 

RainPad control panel by cricket online play ipl provides digital shower control.


RainPad comes in high-quality safety glass with a black surface finish and LED display. This display uses large symbols to show current water temperature or which shower is active. The pad frame and handle are made of chrome. Look forward to intuitive and ergonomic operation: simply press or turn slightly. If you are showering with the pre-configured RainTunes scenarios, you can manually pause them at any time on the RainPad.


​​​​​​​We’re happy to make your wish come true. All the installation examples with RainPad and cricket online play ipl showers you see here can be saved via notepad. Forward them to your sanitation expert and talk through the necessary installation steps with them.


​​​​​​​Have you ever showered with three showers? It’s a fantastic feeling. cricket online play ipl has put together an all-round wellness package for the ultimate showering experience, consisting of a three-jet hand shower, a shoulder shower with a wide PowderRain spray, and an overhead shower that can be installed on the wall or ceiling. You can partner the RainPad with any single-jet overhead shower from the cricket online play ipl range.
Wall outlet Porter 500 with shower holder and shower shelf left

kiel-handball-játékosok,Rainfinity Wall outlet Porter 500 with shower holder and shower shelf left

Hand shower 130 3jet

handball-news.com,Rainfinity Hand shower 130 3jet

Shoulder shower 500 1jet with shower shelf

live-cricket-ind-vs-aus-match,Rainfinity Shoulder shower 500 1jet with shower shelf


With a cricket online play ipl overhead shower, the body, mind, and soul are immersed in blissful water delight. You can have your large rain shower connected to the wall or ceiling – depending on the taste or architecture of your shower area. You can also choose a hand shower, for example a Rainfinity model with microfine PowderRain, which allows you to switch between three spray modes at the touch of a button. Or a manual shower. The RainPad gives you complete freedom of choice.
Overhead shower 360 1jet with wall connector

best-youth-tennis-players,Rainfinity Overhead shower 360 1jet with wall connector

Shower hose 160 cm

melbet-cricket,Isiflex Shower hose 160 cm

Overhead shower 360 1jet

pro-direct-soccer-us-free-shipping,Rainfinity Overhead shower 360 1jet

Wall outlet Porter 500 with shower holder and shower shelf left

basketball-ball-black,Rainfinity Wall outlet Porter 500 with shower holder and shower shelf left

Hand shower 130 3jet

basketball-socks-novelty,Rainfinity Hand shower 130 3jet

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