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The area of the field on the side of the line joining the wickets where the batsman holds his bat (the right-hand side for a right-handed batsman, the left for a left-hander) is known as the off side, the other as the leg side or on side. Lines drawn or painted on the pitch are known as creases.

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Similarly, the field placement is exactly the opposite of a left-hand batsman. We will further shed light on how fielding positions differ for a left-hand and a right-hand batsman. All Fielding Positions Names and Explanation in Cricket. In Cricket, a total of 11 players of the fielding team are on the field at any moment in the game.

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Before we get into the details of each position specifically, let’s run over the basic facts about the cricket field! Basics Of The Cricket Field. In terms of fielding positions, I like to divide the cricket field into 3 parts: The Close Catching Infield – This area contains the fielders that are the closest to the batsman. Everyone inside ...

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From the cricket captain to wicket-keeper and bowler and fielder, each player has a specific role to play in the side. Cricket field diagram The fielding positions have some peculiar names which can be a touch mind boggling, but the following cricket diagram (based on a right-handed batsman) should help you get to grips with the fielding positions.

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The etymology of the off-side and on-side in cricket predates to the 19th century, when transport was done via carriages and not motor vehicles. This was bought into the cricket field, for reasons ...

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The captain, the twelfth man, and an all rounder are all important players on a cricket team. The captain has many responsibilities that include determining fielding positions when on defense, creating the batting lineup, and choosing the bowlers. The twelfth man is the substitute player for a cricket team.


There are many more field positions but 9 players cannot cover all those, so the captain is given the authority to manage them according to the opponent team’s batsmen. A cricket field is divided into two parts, one is the 30-yard circle and the rest is the remaining part of the ground. The field positions are :-

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A cricket field can theoretically be split right down the middle into two halves. One of these halves is labelled the off side, and the other is labelled the leg side. As for which side is which, this depends entirely on whether the batsman at the crease is right or left handed!

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Cricket Field Diagram. Cricket rose to popularity in England. It’s recently been gaining popularity among athletes in the United States and other countries. Cricket field dimensions may seem intimidating at first, but most players get the hang of it without any problems and go on to enjoy this relaxing team sport.